Perfidious Art

I Belong in Another World


I belong in another world
Born at the wrong time
At the wrong place
On an alien planet
Called Earth

I try to witness
The millions of stars
From here down below
But all beauty is corrupted
And had there been
Any still untouched
I could not feel a connection

Every kindness around me
Every cruelty I endure
There should be emotions
But I feel none

This isn’t the planet
I call home
Green turned grey
Joy turned empty
Heart turned stone
The endless monotone scenery
Nothing spared from greed
Whatever love there may have been
All long gone now

I never got the chance
To feel

I want to leave this place
But where can I go?
No planet in the entire universe
Could fulfil my dreams
Of belonging





Idk when these are from. I’m assuming April?

So these are meant to be the prototypes of a new series I had planned. They are automatic writings and drawings based on things I was reading at the time as well as my own immediate thoughts. I wanted to transform them into a more finished work. Unfortunately, I have no motivation to do it anymore.

Drawn using white pen on black (Daiso book) paper.

More little experiments…

It seems that my execution series has made me unable to execute more artwork. Pffft.
So for the past few months I have been having an “art block” for my Perfidious drawings.

But I’ve also been trying to make artworks differently. I’ve tried to find artists which inspire me and try to do as they do, but not an exact copy, of course. This time, my photograph edits.


They may not look as impressive as I want to yet, but I like these, especially “Come and Join Us”, “Reset” as well as “Impartial”. So that’s 3/5!

Execution Series

As I watched my childhood cartoon series, Prince of Tennis, I came across a character by the name of Tono Atsukyo. He plays tennis violently and uses execution methods as his signature playstyle. He mentions the lack of brutal execution methods in the present day and expresses his dissatisfaction about this.

Watching this made me think further of the notion: Wrong-doers all deserve their own punishment, and those who do good will be rewarded. Is death penalty too inhumane or should it be implemented in every country? Is it not the crime committed that is inhumane? If it was something they would regret doing, they should have thought long enough before they did it. Should the upholders of law re-evaluate whether they should execute a person for their crimes, when the criminal themselves did not stop to think about others’ sentiments when they committed the crime?

The problem with people is that they involve emotions at the wrong places. While it‘s good to forgive others for the mistakes they made, the mistakes are also something that the individual must pay for. Only then, they could be equal to an innocent. If you kill a man, then it’s only fair that you are killed too. (It’s important to note that I don’t believe that death penalty is considered the same as murdering someone. It’s more to punishing them.)

But do criminals have their reasons for doing what they do? It could be their mix of socioeconomic background and personality that drove them to this path. I decided to delve into possible situations of what could be going on in their minds as they commit crimes in order to rationalise and understand the emotions better. Despite acknowledging the inmates’ possible rationale, it does not imply that I regard their sins as acceptable. I look from a vantage point of neutrality, without the involvement of emotions for them. It happened, that is all there is to it.

We all make mistakes; the difference is whether we accept that fact as well as how we deal with the aftermath. As I am heavily inspired by Jacques Rigaut, I see death as the most sanctified state, the culmination of our existence. If the person had done others wrong, this belief is further supported because they are given their due punishment. Upon their death, their debts are paid. On the other hand, I believe that death is also meaningless because it comes for us all; it is a common occurrence.

There are some people who claim it is justifiable that those who have committed crimes are tortured. I disagree. An execution would suffice.

In general, the execution methods were used merely as guidelines to making these artwork. Alongside the artwork, I’ve included my “Perfidious Thoughts”. Each tell a story of their own. Enjoy!

My Last Post Was In August

And that is bad. I will continue to update this as much as I can.
I am now half- way through my final semester and that is the reason for my absence.
We are preparing for a little “student exhibition” to sort of wrap up the entire course.
As mentioned way back, my idea for the exhibition is based on executions.
To unite my classmate and I’s work (since the 2 of us will exhibit our works together), we came up with an exhibition name… “Aether”. What does it mean??? More commonly spelled as “ether”, it can be the skies, or that chemical compound you might have came across in chemistry, or perhaps something far beyond…

Aaaah, I won’t disclose too much on this. But I will definitely upload the e-catalogue once it’s ready. So, stay tuned.

In the mean time, here’s a little sneak peak to my new artwork:

His Name is 14