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Execution Series

As I watched my childhood cartoon series, Prince of Tennis, I came across a character by the name of Tono Atsukyo. He plays tennis violently and uses execution methods as his signature playstyle. He mentions the lack of brutal execution methods in the present day and expresses his dissatisfaction about this.

Watching this made me think further of the notion: Wrong-doers all deserve their own punishment, and those who do good will be rewarded. Is death penalty too inhumane or should it be implemented in every country? Is it not the crime committed that is inhumane? If it was something they would regret doing, they should have thought long enough before they did it. Should the upholders of law re-evaluate whether they should execute a person for their crimes, when the criminal themselves did not stop to think about others’ sentiments when they committed the crime?

The problem with people is that they involve emotions at the wrong places. While it‘s good to forgive others for the mistakes they made, the mistakes are also something that the individual must pay for. Only then, they could be equal to an innocent. If you kill a man, then it’s only fair that you are killed too. (It’s important to note that I don’t believe that death penalty is considered the same as murdering someone. It’s more to punishing them.)

But do criminals have their reasons for doing what they do? It could be their mix of socioeconomic background and personality that drove them to this path. I decided to delve into possible situations of what could be going on in their minds as they commit crimes in order to rationalise and understand the emotions better. Despite acknowledging the inmates’ possible rationale, it does not imply that I regard their sins as acceptable. I look from a vantage point of neutrality, without the involvement of emotions for them. It happened, that is all there is to it.

We all make mistakes; the difference is whether we accept that fact as well as how we deal with the aftermath. As I am heavily inspired by Jacques Rigaut, I see death as the most sanctified state, the culmination of our existence. If the person had done others wrong, this belief is further supported because they are given their due punishment. Upon their death, their debts are paid. On the other hand, I believe that death is also meaningless because it comes for us all; it is a common occurrence.

There are some people who claim it is justifiable that those who have committed crimes are tortured. I disagree. An execution would suffice.

In general, the execution methods were used merely as guidelines to making these artwork. Alongside the artwork, I’ve included my “Perfidious Thoughts”. Each tell a story of their own. Enjoy!

Execute, Executed, Both

As part of school and graduation requirements, I have to make a lot of artworks all in “more effort”, large scale, details, meaning, whatever.
(To me: size of artwork denotes neither effort nor worth. I work in small size to “enhance” the futility of life.)

We’re allowed to choose any topics and medium so, long story short– I’m doing a topic on Executions. That’s right, death penalty. Yes, to be direct: I agree to it but I don’t expect people to agree with what I agree with. Despite the lack of evidence that death penalty indeed helps to deter people from committing crimes, I’m still with the idea because it allows the criminals to “pay” for their crimes. Having killed someone yet the killer remains alive (though in prison) is hardly fair. “An eye for an eye”. If it was something they didn’t want to be penalised, then they shouldn’t have done so in the first place.

In the Liya Perfidious view, executions hold a greater meaning. I won’t reveal what it is yet though.

I was initially inspired to do this topic as part of a joke. Notice how when talking about art, people refer to the way someone paints or sculpts, as “execution”? Like: “The execution of the painting is well done”. Well, I wanted to take that pun to another level.

That, and Tono Atsukyo.


Have you died from his handsome yet?

He is a character from the Prince of Tennis and is obsessed with violence and has his tennis moves derived from execution methods. Funny how my inspirations come from such different things.

Moving on to the… as people would call it… “art” aspects. These are the 2 artworks I’ve done last semester:

And this one, I am currently working on:

Firing Squad WIP 1.JPG

What execution could this one be?

I admit that I am not proud of my first 2 works of the series. I felt I can do better. The 3rd one in progress seems to be quite promising, but I don’t want to hope because to hope is dangerous and capable of destroying myself.

I wanted it to be a series I could spiritually connect to and the outcome to be satisfactory. However, throughout the last semester, I was battling with my emotions, anhedonia and the loss of all hope. It enraged me so much that my teachers had said that in such “strong emotions”, artists should be able to create great expressive artwork. While that might be true for some, it isn’t for me. When I experience my “low moods”, I lose the ability to function adequately. Speech, thoughts, actions are all blurry and the sense of depersonalisation heightens. For the moment, I only tell myself that in 2 semesters I will be done here, make it good make it count, suffer now so that I can get my freedom afterwards.

I found another “temporary cure” to my problem though. It is to re-live past experiences which once brought me joy. So I decided to watch some videos I watched in my high school times… like CrashCourse! I mentioned that I had the ambition of being a psychiatrist in an earlier post. What if I immortalise that dream? What if I pretended I was still headed in that direction? That, … yes… It gives me an “illusion” of happiness. At least I think this is happiness. I haven’t felt that emotion in years. As such, I allocate some time to stop doing art and read/watch random things. As they say “pointless knowledge”.

Back to talking about executions: The execution methods in the series would be: Gas chamber, lethal injection, guillotine, electric chair, dismemberment, firing squad, hanging and others. I may or may not do all of these, depending on inspiration, mood and time. There will definitely be one final execution, a method I came up on my own… as the most “effective” one. I will say no more.

Now that I’ve talked about the present, later on I’ll mention the earlier parts of my college life.