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My Last Post Was In August

And that is bad. I will continue to update this as much as I can.
I am now half- way through my final semester and that is the reason for my absence.
We are preparing for a little “student exhibition” to sort of wrap up the entire course.
As mentioned way back, my idea for the exhibition is based on executions.
To unite my classmate and I’s work (since the 2 of us will exhibit our works together), we came up with an exhibition name… “Aether”. What does it mean??? More commonly spelled as “ether”, it can be the skies, or that chemical compound you might have came across in chemistry, or perhaps something far beyond…

Aaaah, I won’t disclose too much on this. But I will definitely upload the e-catalogue once it’s ready. So, stay tuned.

In the mean time, here’s a little sneak peak to my new artwork:

His Name is 14